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Eliason® Fiber-Flex 2500 Series Tubular Aluminum Frame 2" × 5"

Eliason Fiber-Flex 2400 Series tubular aluminum framing systems use slip channel mortise and tenon corner joint assembly. Frame stops and glazing are surface mounted. All materials are water sealed to the tubes.

Frames can be three sided to fit basic openings, or they can have transoms and side light configurations for larger openings. Frames can have panel or glass inserts for the side lights or transoms. Louvers can also be installed into the frame glazing systems. Custom panel widths can be accommodated by using a split glazing system for various panel thicknesses. Frames can be made with radius arch tops. Side light bases can vary in heights and have small offsets for flashing. All perimeters and joints are to be sealed with water resistant caulking.

Narrow Stile Door

Medium Stile Door

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Heavy Duty Wide Stile Door

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