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Eliason® Fiber-Flex Aluminum Capping-Brake Metal

Eliason offers standard extrusion shapes as well as custom bent shapes. Existing frames can be covered partially or completely using aluminum shapes. Standard extrusion shapes are 1/8" thick. Standard thickness for custom bent materials is .090. Special order shapes and brake metal thickness are available; contact factory. Aluminum capping are cut to length and fitted in the field. Fiber-Flex-225 and Fiber-Flex-226 insert frames may be used with capping. Existing frames are to be measured carefully for proper door size calculation. When providing order sizes, be sure to consider both inside (D) and outside (OD) dimensions.

Narrow Stile Door

Medium Stile Door

Wide Stile Door

Heavy Duty Wide Stile Door

Heavy Duty Rugged Wall Stile Door

Fire Rated Door

Heavy Duty Rail Door