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Eliason® Fiber-Flex FP-ALU Flush Aluminum Narrow Stile Door

The Eliason Fiber-Flex FP-ALU is custom fabricated to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of educational, retail and institutional facilities. The Fiber-Flex FP-ALU features stile and rail construction with anodized aluminum face sheets and a reinforced face sheet backer on both sides of the door, making it the ideal choice for moderate to heavy traffic. These doors are manufactured to customer size and design specifications, guaranteeing a perfect fit every time. Eliason Fiber-Flex FP-ALU door panels are clad with .063” thick aluminum face sheets in a smooth finish or with optional stucco embossed or ribbed pattern. If required, stainless steel faces sheets are also available for this model. The mainframe is a narrow line with 1/8″ aluminum hardware reinforcing. Aluminum face sheets are reinforced with a 1/8″ thick hardboard backer. With its contemporary look, the FP-ALU offers strength, flexibility of design and provides a timeless look that will last for years to come.

Green Guard: YES, Certified for Low Emitting Products for Children and Schools and Indoor Air Quality.


  • Door Design: Doors Styles can be made flush or have various vision lite styles and sizes. The vision lites will accept 1/4" or 1" glass or 1" Aluminum panels. For more information see our door styles.
  • Door Classification: Narrow Door Stile
  • Trim Type: Aluminum edges and vision lite moldings
  • Trim Color: Anodized or Painted
  • Face Sheet Material: Architectural Grade Aluminum Sheet
  • Material Type: Architectural Grade Aluminum Sheet
  • Face Sheet Texture: Smooth, Stucco Embossed, Ribbed
  • Face Sheet Colors: Anodized or Painted
  • Mainframe Stile: Narrow
  • Reinforcing: 1/8" Aluminum Reinforcements are required for specific hardware preps
  • Urethane Cores: Urethane is not used on this door.
  • Polystyrene Cores: Standard Core is 25 PSI Density Polystyrene with a Flame Spread Rating of no more than 25

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