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Eliason® Fiber-Flex FRP-PBG-LBL Fire Rated Pebble Grain Finish Flush Door

The Eliason Fiber-Flex FRP-PBG-LBL fire-rated doors are primarily interior door types; Eliason does not warranty exterior fire rated door openings. Vision lites and louvers must be metal and comply with fire-rated size restrictions and locations. Example: Vision lite to 100 exposed square inches for 90 minute doors. Vision Lite moldings are paint ready, finish painted colors are not included. Fire-rated doors are available in 45, 60, or 90 minute rated. Standard doors have matching FRP edges and metal vision lites. Stainless steel edges and vision lites are optional.

The Fiber-Flex FRP-PBG-LBL fire-rated doors are available as singles or pairs up to 4'-0" x 8'-0" per door leaf. Doors are 1 3/4" thickness. Fire rated to 1-1/2 hour. Tested for positive pressure, hose stream and 250 degree temperature rise. Available with Eliason standard Class A. FRP colors.


  • 1 3/4" thick U.L approved fire rated doors with FRP faces sheets.
  • 1 1/2" Internal perimeter stiles and rails.
  • Fire rated door for 45 minutes will have partical core.
  • Fire rated door for 90 minutes will have mineral core.
  • All doors will have fire rating as listed on the door elevation sheets.
  • All doors are for interior use, if used on exterior, the doors require optional steel edge seals.
  • Door edges and vision lites will be stainless steel.
  • Vision lites are steel, primer coated, Model 110 low profile.
  • Hinges will be supplied and installed by Eliason.
  • All other hardware will be supplied and installed by others. Eliason will prep for the hardware.
  • Doors are to be used only with approved fire rated hardware and frames (supplied by others).
  • FRP face sheets to be standard frp colors as sleeted.
  • FRP color will be through material thickness.
  • Doors are reinforced for locks, exit devices and other surface hardware with 5" blocking.
  • All doors are reinforced for surface closer hardware with 5" blocking.
  • All hardware will be located as shown on the elevation sheets.

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