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Eliason® Fiber-Flex FRP-PBG6RW Heavy Duty Rugged Wall Stile Door with a Pebble Grain Finish

The Eliason Fiber-Flex FRP-PBG6RW extra heavy duty FRP door offers many of the same features and rugged good looks of our original Fiber-Flex FRP-PBG door. However, this model features 6” wide stiles and rails that have a face wall thickness of 3/16” and an edge wall thickness of 1/4”.

This door has been designed to stand up against abuse. The heavy walls firmly secure surface door mounted hardware such as exit devices and closers without the need of thru bolt mounting. Rugged wall design and heavy duty assembly make this door the choice to be used in any opening that maybe subject to heavy abuse.

These doors are low-maintenance, rust free and extremely durable. The Eliason Fiber-Flex FRP-PBG6RW door panel is clad with .120” thick pebble grain textured FRP face sheets, available in a wide range of through molded colors. You can even design your door with a different color FRP face sheet on each side of the door. Painted colors are also available to customize and compliment your building’s appearance.

Green Guard: YES, Certified for Low Emitting Products for Children and Schools and Indoor Air Quality.


  • Door Thickness: 1 3/4" thickness
  • Door Design: Doors Styles can be made flush or have various vision lite styles and sizes. The vision lites will accept 1/4" or 1" glass or 1" FRP panels. For more information see door styles
  • Door Classification: Heavy Duty Rugged Wall Wide Door Stile
  • Trim Type: Aluminum edges and vision lite moldings
  • Trim Color: Anodized or Painted
  • Face Sheet Material: Fiberglass (FRP) Face Sheets
  • Material Type: .120 FRP, Class C fire rated material is standard, Class A is optional
  • Face Sheet Texture: Pebble Grain Embossed (standard). Consult with Eliason or your local sales representative for the availability of other texture options
  • Face Sheet Colors: FRP Face Sheets are to be selected from Eliason fiberglass choices. Consult with Eliason or your local sales representative for the availability of other color options
  • Mainframe Stile: Hollow Aluminum Extrusions with Narrow Stiles
  • Reinforcing: The internal mainframe supports the door hardware without added reinforcements
  • Urethane Cores: Urethane core is not available on this door model
  • Polystyrene Cores: 25 PSI Density Polystyrene with a flame spread rating of no more than 25

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